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Fiat launches MetaVirus store using Touchcast and Microsoft

The company says that Fiat, an automobile brand owned by Stellantis, has opened the first showroom of its sort in the metaverse. The application, which was created using technology provided by Touchcast and Microsoft, intends to increase the interactivity of the virtual car-reviewing process.

Fiat Launches Store Using the Metaverse
Fiat, an automobile brand owned by Stellantis, one of the top ten automakers worldwide, has opened its first online store. Through a virtual simulation of the model, the business will let buyers feel what it will be like inside and outside one of its models, the New 500 La Prima by Bocelli.

Users will be able to test the systems and infotainment options that the company offers on this vehicle in the dealership and review the car using a 360-degree view of the car model. Depending on the version and accessories selected, customers can also alter the car’s design and equipment. They can even drive the automobile through a virtual course.

Fiat CEO and Global Stellantis CMO Olivier Francois made a comment about the value of this kind of experience for the growth of the brand. He declared:

The Fiat metaverse store is the industry’s first of its type. An immersive, human-driven voyage into the world of Fiat, it is a magical experience. Following the principle of “tech it easy,” it is straightforward and approachable for everyone.

The business leveraged Touchcast’s platform to create this experience, which uses Microsoft Cloud as its foundation to deliver a headset-free metaverse experience.

Extension of the Program and Human Assistance
In order to significantly increase the reach of their products beyond what local vehicle dealers can do, other businesses have also begun exploring similar initiatives. Fiat distinguishes itself from competing manufacturers by allowing consumers to be accompanied by what it refers to as a “product genius,” a real person who can address any queries the prospective customer may have regarding the vehicle’s capabilities and the particulars of the purchase procedure.

The metaverse showroom acts like a genuine showroom and is not open 24/7 to customers, therefore this does have a negative.

By the end of 2022, the brand intends to increase the number of models offered in the showroom, with more cars becoming available in the metaverse showroom in the first part of 2023. If this technology will be used to other firm brands is not clear from Stellantis’ response.

The operations of other automakers also incorporate use of the metaverse. With the goal of saving $330 million by 2025, Renault is adopting an industrial metaverse to optimize its production. Ford submitted 19 trademark applications in September to safeguard and enhance the brand’s reputation in the metaverse.


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