Cardano upgrade launch date confirmed on September 22

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Cardano upgrade launch date confirmed on September 22

Vasil, the next Hard Fork for Cardano blockchain is around the corner and will be published this month immediately after the merger.

Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the blockchain development company behind Cardano (ADA), confirmed the release date of Vasil hard fork. It will happen on September 22, contrary to what some developers expected.

Vasil will be supported by major cryptocurrency exchanges
According to IOHK, most leading cryptocurrency exchanges have already started upgrading their contract to support the latest Hard Fork split. The company expects “smooth technical transition, without any disruption to its users or disruption in mass production.”

“The majority of leading exchanges have now started their own modernization process. Based on the current trajectory and past experience, @ CardanoStiftung has full confidence in completing its updates and meeting the 80% liquidity metrics set. ”

Furthermore, the update will allow developers to create blockchain-based applications in a “more robust and efficient way” through Plutus, Cardano blockchain’s smart node platform.


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