BookingCom projects that the metaverse will affect travel decisions in 2023.

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Future generations will travel extensively. However, they will first travel to their final locations in the metaverse.

According to a poll of more than 24,000 people in 32 countries by the well-known travel website, a sizable portion of users said that the metaverse may aid in determining their travel location.

According to, 4,574 respondents would only be open to visiting new locations after having had a metaverse experience there. Additionally, 35% of respondents are open to staying in the metaverse for a few days to gain a perspective on the surroundings and locations that may attract their eye.

According to, consumers will be able to experience anything from a sunny beach to the desert without being present in person thanks to virtual reality and blockchain technologies. However, 60% of respondents continue to feel that being there in person is still preferable to the experiences provided by the metaverse and other virtual technologies.

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