Abu Dhabi Global Market Proposes a Decentralized Economy and Seeks Feedback

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Abu Dhabi Global Market, the financial free zone in Abu Dhabi, has proposed creating a decentralized economy with the help of new technologies such as Blockchain. The aim of this move is to enhance direct financing and improve the efficiency of business operations.

The decentralized economy is expected to serve as an exchange platform allowing for the trading of cryptocurrencies and enabling people to transfer money directly and securely. Abu Dhabi Global Market believes that the decentralized economy can solve the problems of intermediaries and traditional financial institutions that often require a great deal of time and effort to execute financial transactions.

Abu Dhabi Global Market has invited the public and interested parties to provide their comments and feedback on this proposal. This proposal is expected to improve the financing structure and enhance financial services in the region, and it can also help drive new technological developments in the field of economy and finance.

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