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10,000 Bitcoin were withdrawn from the wallet of the former BTC-e and Wex cryptocurrency exchanges.

For the first time since 2017, a sizable sum of cryptocurrency stored in a wallet linked to the notorious trading site controlled by alleged money launderer Alexander Vinnik, Wex, has moved. In a number of transactions, the 10,000 bitcoins in question—worth over $165 million—have been moved to new addresses.

Keeping Bitcoin Dormant For the First Time in Five Years, Wex Wallet Moves

10,000 BTC were taken out by an unidentified owner of a bitcoin wallet connected to the now-defunct Wex, which was previously the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the Russian-speaking market. The last time money left this Bitcoin address was in September 2017, when the exact same amount was paid out.

Mendeleev revealed in November of last year that the Russian Ministry of Interior had ignored requests from Wex users to assist in the freezing and seizure of cryptocurrency funds removed from an exchange-controlled wallet. More than 10,000 ETH, which at the time was worth over $46 million, were taken out and transferred to other platforms.


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